first fish

Recent trip to Mammoth featuring the upper owens river and the best part...my 16 month old daughter Vera catching her first fish. It was an amazing moment that I will cherish for all my days.

Gear Notes:
The Simms chest pack is a great minimal option for carrying enough items for the day. I did switch back to clear sleeves to hold flies as the traditional fly box style is too thick. The weather conditions were hot, reaching 95 degrees by early afternoon. In these conditions, I highly recommend the tropic comfort shirt with hood. It's a great alternative to applying sunscreen every 20 minutes...the shirt offers a hood to cover your neck and ears, breathes well, and chest pocket for chap stick.


Eastern Sierras | Mid December

It's cold! My guides are frozen! I can't feel my finger!!!
Fishing was good, in fact awesome. 25+ fish days on hot creek and solid rainbows on the O, december fishing at its best. Given the very short window to fish, we were focused on catching as many fish as we could. It may have been due to the fact that it was so cold....fighting a fish seemed like the most reasonable way to stay warm.


Eastern Sierras | November 2012

Recent trip to the Eastern Sierras, below Mammoth Lakes. Nick and I spent two days fishing the canyon and interpretive center sections of Hot Creek. We experienced good success using, black wooly buggers, BWO emergers, and zebra midges. Temps were very cold in the morning (low 20s) but warmed up to about 65 by mid day.




Montana | Short Film

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Yellowstone River, Montana


Anthony O'Brien

Nice bonefish landed near the Kahala Resort on Oahu.


Back to Old Faithful + One

Me, Clint, and our buddy Josh woke up at 3 am to fish the famed Hot Creek of Mammoth. We left Santa Barbara, and were at Hot Creek at 10 am. The fishing was phenomenal for about 3 hours and then became really challenging. Some great fish were caught, some even better fish were lost, but that's what makes fly fishing so fun, knowing that there are still fish out there that will own you.  This video is dedicated to Josh, whom Clint dubbed as the "Duck Hunter" because of his Alabama-esque waders. He could hide from a duck but he couldn't hide from the trout, not yet anyways. Josh, is a passionate fly-fisherman even after only 2 times out. But I guess that's what happens to all good men. They fly fish once and then they're ruined for life! So here's to Josh "Duck Hunter" Schticter.   -Nick-



With recent snowfall, it was interesting to see how the rivers/creeks would handle the runoff. By the weekend, the rivers had cleared providing good fishing conditions. Hot Creek fished well with most action subsurface. Midges seemed to be the best option. My good friend Nick Alker caught several fish on a personally tied BWO emerger pattern. Upper Owens fished ok on Sunday however finding the fish was difficult. There seemed to be a lot of great runs with zero fish. This may be the result of too much pressure lately and the ability to keep fish. It is amazing what fly fishing can teach us about patience and technique.



Location | Mammoth & Bridgeport 
Rivers & Creeks | Hot Creek & East Walker 



Nick Alker exploring less traveled places....

Location : Utah





During my recent trip to Montana, I tried to capture the many amazing moments. Special thanks to my dad for making this trip possible!

Accommodations : http://www.fireholeranch.com/
Location : West Yellowstone, MT
Rivers : Madison River and Soda Butte Creek

Montana Fly Fishing | July 2011

Location : Fire Hole Ranch, West Yellowstone, MT
Rivers : Madison River and Soda Butte Creek

Short Film Coming Soon!


Old Faithful

Nick and I recently visited the Eastern Sierras in search of rainbow and brown trout. The conditions were excellent and we managed to catch some nice fish.